Winter Wonderland Christmas Decoration Ideas

Winter Wonderland Polar Bears

Creating a Winter Wonderland outdoor Christmas theme will look beautiful in your yard, regardless if you live in an area that gets snow during the holidays or if you live in a dry and warm location. To begin your Winter Wonderland Christmas theme, you’ll want to get several packs of white LED Christmas lights to cover just about everything you can find in your yard. And when you’re done with the lights, that’s when the real fun begins…

The More Outdoor Christmas Lights, the Better

Before you purchase all of the white outdoor Christmas lights that you’re going to use for your display, you need to know that there are different shades of “white” Christmas lights available. We’ve put together a handy article “Bright vs Warm LED Christmas Lights” to help you decide which color of white lights you prefer.

Winter Wonderland Outdoor Christmas Lights

Now that you’re ready to create your Winter Wonderland, start with hanging outdoor Christmas lights around the eaves and windows on the house and then move out to the yard. Stake some bright White Christmas Lawn Lights into the ground all over your yard to completely cover every bit of the surface. Cover your bushes and shrubs with White Christmas Net Lights and if you have trees in your yard, wrap some white outdoor Christmas lights around the trunk of the tree.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Lights Decorations

On the tree branches, hang White LED Rain Lights that will create a slow-motion falling raindrop effect in your trees. For larger trees, choose the Maxi White LED Rain Lights that will give you the same raindrop effect, but with larger “droplets”. Sprinkle some LED Starbursts and Moravian Star Christmas Decorations throughout your display – hang them on trees, from the eves or along a porch railing to enhance your Winter Wonderland display.

Winter Wonderland Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Place Twinkling Spheres in pots or hang them from tree branches – they’re covered in shimmering stars that beautifully light up to give your yard an enchanted look. You can also place them along a walkway or set them around your yard, in between your Christmas yard displays.

Winter Wonderland Lighted Snowflakes

For a true Winter Wonderland effect, hang Lighted Snowflakes from your eaves, from tree branches or along a fence. You can also hang them off window sills, on bushes or even on your existing Christmas yard decor. The possibilities are endless. Cover any lamp posts with a cute Snowman Lamppost Cover that easily snaps right over your existing light.

What’s a Winter Wonderland Without Animals?

Winter Wonderland Polar Bears

Looking like they just came down from the North Pole, a group of cuddly-looking beautiful polar bears will add some fun to your Winter Wonderland display. The polar bear family has crystal beading on the soft, weather-resistant tinsel fabric that gives them icy sparkle day and night. The polar bears are lit up by bright, white mini lights and each are outfitted with a Santa cap and removable glitter fabric scarf.

Winter Wonderland Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Although you most likely wouldn’t find an adorably little puppy in a Winter Wonderland, this White Furry Dog Christmas Decoration will make a perfect addition to your display. This little guy is wearing a Santa Hat and a green scarf to keep him warm while he stands watch over your Polar Bears in the freezing cold. If you’re looking for a more tranquil look, add a pair of Crystal Swans to your Winter Wonderland display. Designed of swirled metal covered in iridescent crystal-like beads, these Swans are lit by cool white LEDs that create an enchanting glow at night.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Moose

Christmas Moose will add a woodsy feel to your Winter Wonderland display. These beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations are decked out for the holidays with sparkling lights and grapevine wreaths around their necks. The Moose family includes a Papa Moose, a Mama Moose and a Baby Moose – just place them in your yard and let them graze all season long. If you don’t have a lot of trees in your yard, but you still want to create a woodsy-feel for your Moose, set up some Pre-Lit Flocked Outdoor Trees around your outdoor decor

Create Your Own North Pole

Winter Wonderland North Pole Decorations

Of course the ultimate Winter Wonderland display would look like the North Pole has been created right on your own front yard. Place these dazzling Reindeer around your yard so they look like they’re waiting for their long journey on Christmas Eve. Next to the Reindeer, place a beautiful Glittering Sleigh and lots of lighted presents, packed up and ready for delivery.

Have you created your own Winter Wonderland display? If so, send us pictures, we’d love to share them!

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