White-Out Winter Wonderland Christmas Decoration Ideas

Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorations

The Winter Wonderland outdoor Christmas theme will look beautiful in your yard, especially if you live in an area that gets snow during the holidays. To begin your Winter Wonderland Christmas theme, you’ll want to get several packs of white Christmas lights to make your home the brightest on the block as well as some floodlights to illuminate the area around any special characters. Get lights to hang from the eaves, net lights for the bushes, tree trunk lights, walkway lights, etc – the more, brighter lights the better.

When deciding which Christmas yard decorations to showcase in your Winter Wonderland, there’s really no right or wrong character, as long as it lights up white. Your Winter Wonderland theme can be all white lighted animals or you can choose to create your theme based on color, for example, all bright white lights (blue’ish) or all warm (yellowish) white lights.

When decorating your Winter Wonderland yard with outdoor Christmas decorations, start with the lights around the eaves and on the house and then move out to the yard. Easily cover your bushes with some White Christmas Net Light and if you have trees in your yard, wrap some white Tree Trunk Lights around the trunk of the tree or hang them throughout the branches.

If you live in a cold climate, you can make some Globe Ice Luminary Lanterns and place them around your yard. The Globe Lanterns come in an easy-to-use kit, complete with balloons, freezing bases, clips and candles and once they are placed in your yard, they will give off a dazzling glow that will make your Winter Wonderland feel more like an enchanted white garden.

Dispersed throughout your Winter Wonderland theme, you can sprinkle in some sparkly white LED Christmas Trees that stand 5-ft tall and are lit up by 108 white, mini LEDs. Each Christmas Tree is artfully designed with 80 branch tips that have been daubed in white to give a realistic snowy look.

Line the walkway of your Winter Wonderland with some elegant, Victorian-looking Lighted Lamp Posts that are 4-ft tall and wrapped in a sparkly silver-sequined mesh and lit by 50 LED white mini lights. If you want a more understated look to line your walkway, place flameless candles into some White Outdoor Lanterns and hang them from a shepherd’s hook along the path.

Introducing some lighted snowflakes into your Winter Wonderland theme will add some real sparkle to your outdoor Christmas decorations. Decorate the entry of your home by hanging a Lighted Swag and Snowflake from your porch – it measures 70″ long and consists of two 28″ crescent swags of lights and one 14″ lighted snowflake. You can also hang LED Snowflakes from the eaves of your home and some white, Battery-Operated Snowflakes in your trees and on your windows. These 14″ snowflakes are not your average, soft-looking snowflakes – they glisten like ice and are lit by 18 LED white lights.

If you would rather not use snowflakes or if you want a bolder Winter Wonderland theme, add some white Giant Icicle Lights to your garland or hang them from your eaves or in trees. Each giant Icicle Light set includes 10 icicles that measure 7″-11″ long and have 61 bright LEDs that light in a downward sequence – mesmerizing to say the least!

Don’t forget the porch! Flank your front door with a pair of Pre-lit Christmas Trees that have realistic branches wrapped with clear mini lights. These porch Christmas trees come with a glitter-gold base that is illuminated from the inside giving off an elegant, prism effect. Trim out your door frame with Frosted Lighted Garland that’s loaded with shatterproof ornaments, berry clusters and has matching, beautifully decorated Lighted Wreath.

Hang bright white lights around each of your windows or, if you have some windows that are up high and only accessible from the inside, place some White Christmas Trees on a table in front of the window. These white Christmas Trees feature gem-shaped faceted beads that are lit from behind by white lights to give them a sparkling effect.

If you have a space in your yard that needs a bright pop of white, add a 2-tier, 3-ft tall LED Crystal Fountain that is covered in spun-glitter material to give it an icy regal appearance. The LED white fountain has blue lights that dazzle around the fountain creating a streaming water effect. Place a couple of elegant LED Crystal Swans around the base of the fountain to complete the look.

If the fountain is too formal for you, add a fun, 4-ft tall Lighted Outdoor Snowman who is lit up by 200 clear mini lights and has a snowy top hat, faux-branch arms and a natural-looking scarf. If you prefer a little softer snowman, the 49″ Outdoor Snowman is covered in chenille-like fabric and looks like he could just melt away. This traditional-looking snowman has 4 big buttons down his tummy, a black top hat, red scarf, stick-shaped arms and a carrot-look nose.

Strategically place some large, 3-ft Snowflakes that are covered in glittery-spun string to give it a shimmery look and lit up by 70 white LED lights to make it really pop out of your yard.

To really go all-out, you can fire up the Light Flurry Holiday Projector and instantly add 60-ft of simulated falling snowflakes to the front of your home – now you can get the feeling of a Winter Wonderland without having to wish for snow to fall.

If you’re going to be busy during the holiday season (and let’s face it, aren’t we all?), you can make turning on your outdoor Christmas decorations a breeze by setting up a Weatherproof Outdoor Timer Power Strip that has 6 grounded outlets and a 7-day digital timer. Now you can keep on shopping without having to rush home and turn on your Christmas yard decorations.

For ideas on how to create a Winter Wonderland with lots of different white animals and characters, see our Animal-Theme Winter Wonderland article.

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