The Peanuts Christmas Decorations

Peanuts Christmas Decorations

If you love Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, then you’ll love these Peanuts Christmas decoration ideas. These Peanuts Christmas decorations will help you showcase your love for the Peanuts gang while filling your yard with a fun, festive spirit. Most of the outdoor Charlie Brown Christmas decorations can be up-lit by a spotlight, which you can pick up at your local hardware store.

As your guests arrive, they’re shown the way with some fun Solar Color Changing Globe Lights, which lead right into your whimsical Peanuts Christmas display. These colorful walkway lights stand 25″ high and have a fluted, plastic globe that stands on a stainless steel pole.

If you’re just starting your Peanuts Christmas theme, the outdoor Peanuts Christmas Decoration that shows the Peanuts gang huddled in front of a decorated Christmas tree is the first piece you’ll want to get. This nostalgic Charlie Brown Christmas decoration is made of hammered tin with glitter accents, which shines brilliantly when up-lit by an outdoor spotlight.

Keep your Peanuts Christmas theme going with a 23″-high Snoopy Christmas Decoration that shows Snoopy wearing a Santa hat and tangled up in Christmas lights. Of course if you a Snoopy Christmas decoration, you have to have a Woodstock Christmas decoration nearby. Woodstock is also wearing a Santa hat in this Peanuts Christmas Decoration and both Snoopy and Woodstock are covered in a soft, tinsel material with clear mini lights.

If you search around on the internet, you are sure to find all kinds of unique outdoor Peanuts Christmas decorations. If you’re going to add any additional outdoor Christmas decorations to your Peanuts theme, just stick to using items that are red and/or white.

Place a couple of giant Christmas lights that measure 2-ft long next to your Peanuts Christmas decorations or hang these super-sized Christmas lights in your trees to really light up your yard. You can also strategically place some whimsical Christmas Presents around your yard to add some additional playfulness to your Christmas decor. Measuring 4-ft long by 3-ft high, these fun outdoor Christmas decorations feature 3 stylized gifts with a colorful glitter finish.

Don’t forget to light up the bushes! Add some white net lights to your bushes and shrubs to enhance the overall look of your Peanuts Christmas decorations. You can also place some 4-ft or 6-ft lighted outdoor trees throughout your yard that twinkle with multi-colored lights and have realistic brown-wrapped branches that can be shaped to your liking. Hang some multi-colored LED lights from your eaves with some handy light clips to finish off your lighting decorations.

After you trim your door with some lighted garland and hang a lighted Christmas wreath on your door, you’re going to want to customize them with some Peanuts Christmas items. The lighted garland is 12″ thick and covered with 100 mini lights and is impressive to begin with, but you’ll want to purchase some Peanuts fabric at your local fabric store and tie small Peanuts bows about every 3-4″ on your garland. You can also hang some fun Peanuts Christmas ornaments on your garland – just make sure they are high enough so your smaller guests can’t remove them. You can also hang some Peanuts bows on your lighted Christmas wreath and if you can find a unique Peanuts ornament, hang it in the middle of the wreath to really showcase the piece.

To dress up your windows, attach a Lighted Merry Christmas Sign that has a nostalgic appeal with 50 mini lights that light up a shimmery surface from behind.

There’s really only one must-have when it comes to indoor Peanuts Christmas decorations – and that’s the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. This adorable Charlie Brown tree plays an excerpt of the Linus and Lucy song, stands just 22″ high and comes complete with a single red ornament.

After you’ve completed decorating your yard with Peanuts Christmas decorations, it’s time to bring the fun indoors. Get some Snoopy or Charlie Brown wrapping paper and wrap your door and wall pictures. The Peanuts Christmas theme is an easy theme to take to the extreme. If you do a little searching, you can find Snoopy cookie cutters, Peanuts Christmas plates, Peanuts Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons, Peanuts ornaments, Peanuts stockings, Snoopy snow globes, Peanuts Christmas picture frames and even Snoopy music – a plethora of unique items to add to your Peanuts Christmas theme.

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4 comments on “The Peanuts Christmas Decorations
  1. Kriatin says:

    I was hoping this would be in stock for this year. Any chance it will come in?

    • Improvements Editor says:

      Hi Kriatin,
      I’m not sure which characters you’re referring to, but we’ll be offering 3 unique Peanuts yard decorations this season.

  2. Terry says:

    There was an ornament and also in a figure that had Lucy by her display “The doctor is in” Is that one still available?

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