Nativity Scene Christmas Decorations

Nativity Scene Decorations

Nativity sets are one of those Christmas decorations that can be passed down through the generations. There are several different types of Christmas nativity scenes, each with different characters and animals as well as different looks like old-world European nativity sets, contemporary nativity sets, etc. We’ve put together a few of our favorite nativity Christmas decorations to help you build a Christmas nativity scene that you and your family can love year after year.

Outdoor Nativity Scene

Whether you want just one nativity set in your yard or you’re creating an entire nativity scene, the most focal point should be the actual nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Our Glittery Tinsel Fabric Outdoor Nativity Scene is crafted of sisal and tinsel and shines brightly with over 210 incandescent lights. This nativity scene stands over 5-ft tall and almost 6-ft wide so be sure you have ample space in your yard to display it correctly.

Shimmering Outdoor Nativity Scene

If you prefer to have a more complete Nativity Scene in one set, the Shimmering Lighted Nativity Scene is crafted of colorful sequin material and glittery tinsel that creates a sparkle and a glow that no other nativity set can produce. This set has everything you need to create your own elaborate nativity scene – Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the three wisemen presenting gifts. Each piece is covered in clear, incandescent lights to create an impressive illuminating display.

nativity scenes christmas decorations

The Metal Nativity Scene Yard Decoration depicts Mary and Joseph’s travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, complete with a Camel. Up-light it with a flood light and watch it sparkle at night!

Adding Angels to your Nativity Scene

nativity scene christmas decorations

After you’ve set up your nativity set, add elegant Animated Lighted Angels that have wings that slowly open. The Animated Angels are covered in glitter mesh to produce a soft sparkle during the day and are lit by clear mini lights to glow at night. The Animated Lighted Angels are glowing in their white gowns, gold wings and gold trumpets and they’re 3-d, which means they are enchanting from every angle. You’ll want to set these angels up on the opposite side of the yard from your nativity scene – after all, you don’t want to wake the baby in the manger! There’s also a matching 5-ft tall, bright white Christmas Angel that is releasing a dove.

Nativity Scene Outdoor Signs


Joy Outdoor Christmas Sign

The Metal Joy Outdoor Sign coordinates nicely with our metal nativity scene and is coated in red and gold glitter that creates a dazzling effect when illuminated by a spotlight. If you don’t have the metal nativity scene, don’t worry. This beautiful outdoor Christmas decoration has a bright gold nativity scene set right in the middle of the “O” and is topped with the Star of Bethlehem. It’s a perfect nativity scene for a smaller yard or if you just want a more compact nativity display.

Additional Nativity Scene Decor

Nativity Scene Decor

If you already have a Christmas nativity scene that has been passed down to you from a family member, you can always add to it by placing some additional nativity scene decor.

Hang a 2-ft tall Gold Star of Bethlehem from the eaves or a porch light – It’s covered in glittered gold mesh and clear incandescent lights to create a dazzling effect.

If you prefer a bright white star, choose a large Moravian Star that is often used to represent the star of Bethlehem. It has a brilliant 3-D light and it’s lightweight so you can hang it just about anywhere – like on a covered porch to greet your guests as they arrive.

Everyone knows the story about the three wise men presenting the baby Jesus with three gifts and now you can add the gifts to your nativity sets by strategically placing Outdoor Lighted Christmas Presents around your yard. They’re wrapped in a soft glittery mesh fabric to look bright by day and lit by clear mini lights to really shine at night.

If you have created your own nativity scene, send us some pictures! We’d love to see them and share what you’ve done.

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  1. Dolores Bennett says:

    We would like to order this nativity. Will you be getting anymore of the peace signs in?

    • Cyndee D'Agostini says:

      Hi Dolores,
      As of now, it does not look like we will be getting Peace signs in this year, however, if that changes, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

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