Halloween Party Ideas for Kids Outdoor

Put Some Spirit in Your Yard with These Kid-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Before you go all-out in planning a Halloween Party for your kids, we’ve put together a short list of basic Halloween decorations that you are going to want to get. Most of these Halloween Party decorations can be bought in just about any Halloween store or online: Black lights, fog machine, strobe light, black streamers, fake spider webs, lots of plastic spiders, flameless candles, black construction paper, black flowers, autumn leaves, fill dirt, large trash bags, and Halloween CDs.

Kids Halloween Party Ideas for the Outdoors
You can use most of the same decorations that were mentioned in the Halloween Party Ideas with Halloween Decorations for Adults, but if you want to tone it down a little bit for the kids, we have some special kids Halloween party ideas that are definitely kid-friendly.

You’re going to want to make sure your house stands out from all the other homes on the block so your little Halloween Party guests know right where to go. If you have lamp posts and you want to light the way to your house, transform them into a giant pumpkin by covering them with Halloween Lamp Post Cover. Simply snap one of these Halloween Lamp Post Covers over your lamp post and your guests are sure to find your Halloween party right away.

Line your walkway or driveway with some creative Halloween bags. Just take paper bags, cut them out with a fun Halloween scene or Halloween saying and add a light inside the bag so the scene will shine through. For safety, use flameless tealights, which can burn for up to 12 hours on one charge.

Now that your guests can see which way to walk, it’s time to spook out the bushes along your walkways. Adding some Haunted Hedge Eyes to your bushes will make it look like creepy monsters are waiting in the shrubs – waiting to pounce on unsuspecting Halloween guests that is! As someone walks by your bushes, the motion-activated Halloween Hedge Eyes light up, start growling and the bushes begin to shake. You can also throw some mesh over the bushes so it looks like the monsters have been in there for some time.

Halloween decorations for the yard are perhaps one of the most fun things to set up. They are the best way to transform your house from an ordinary home to a spooky Halloween Fun Zone! To set the mood, you can start by strategically placing fog machines and strobe lights around your yard. For a whimsical look, set up a Halloween Cauldron metal sign that depicts a hapless witch who has tumbled into her magic brew – all that is left to see are her bright orange striped socks and bright purple witch shoes emerged in overflowing green bubbles. Place this outdoor Halloween decoration in your graveyard between 2 tombstones or surround it with pumpkins and hay and up-light it with a spotlight so it really stands out.

Speaking of graveyards! You can create a kid-friendly Halloween graveyard with home-made Halloween Tombstones that are easy to set up and even easier to make! Just sit the tombstones around on the yard or, if you want to make your little faux-graveyard look a bit spookier, add mounds of dirt in front of each tombstone to create a grave. Just be sure and place the dirt on a plastic trashbag before placing it on the ground so it will be easy to remove once Halloween is over. Drape some spider webs and fake spiders over your tombstones to complete the look.

Hang a Solar Spider Lantern at the entrance to your driveway or front porch to welcome your young visitors. The Halloween lantern depicts a black spider in its web silhouetted against an orange backdrop and can hang from a 4-ft Shepherd’s hook with a glow-in-the-dark spider web. A little spooky…yet fun.

If you have a covered porch, hang some little skull Halloween Lights in front of the door. These Halloween Lights have a color-changing LED inside each skull that will cast an eerie glow around the entire porch.

Cover your porch lights or garage lights with a happy Pumpkin Porch Light Cover that easily stretches over your existing porch light with an elastic band. The Pumpkin Porch Light Cover fits coach lanterns up to 13″ in diameter and depicts a cheery pumpkin that’s lit up from behind and appears to just be sitting on the side of your wall.

For your door, you can create a wreath out of your favorite candies. Just tie the candies around a black, spray-painted wreath and add a Halloween-themed ribbon to tie it to the wreath holder. If you don’t want to use candy in your wreath, there are plenty of other Halloween decorations that you can use – check out our DIY Halloween Wreaths article for more information.

Now that you have some ideas for your kids outdoor Halloween party decorations, let’s go inside the house and see what indoor kids Halloween party ideas we have.

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