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Before you begin shopping for your fun and creative indoor Halloween party ideas for adults, you should pick up your basic Halloween decorations that you can get at just about any Halloween store or online:

Ghoul-Out Your Home with These Simple Indoor Halloween Party Decorations

  • Black Streamers
  • Fake Spider Webs
  • White or Tan Thread
  • Lots of Plastic Spiders
  • Flameless Candles
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Black Flowers
  • Rubber Snakes
  • Black & Gray Cheesecloth
  • Fake Halloween Crows
  • Mice Halloween Wall Clings
  • Black Lace
  • Small Skulls, Fake Skeleton Bones, Baby Dolls or Ghosts
  • Flameless Candles & Real Candles
  • Strobe Lights
  • Black Lights, Purple Lights
  • Black Plastic Trash Bags
  • Fluorescent Paper
  • Fluorescent Paint
  • Clear Jars
  • Hay
  • Spooky Halloween CDs

You have the outside of your house looking creepy with the help of some spooky outdoor Halloween decorations, now you need some ghoulish adult Halloween party ideas for inside your home.

If you have stairs inside your home, you can line your banisters with fake spider webs or white thread, plastic spiders and even wrap in some rubber snakes. Any place that your guests are going to touch such as banisters, doors handles and light switches, can be covered with spider webs or spiders. You can also hang fake spider webs or threads all throughout the home where people are going to be walking – they’ll feel like they’re walking through invisible spider webs.

Drape black and gray cheesecloth over your furniture, pictures, lighting fixtures, etc, to make the bigger fixtures in your home look run-down. Mixing the cheesecloth with the spider webs will surely make your guests feel as though they’ve stepped into a deserted home. Perch some fake Halloween crows around your room – on a stack of dirty old books, on top of lamp shades, sitting on picture frames and on top of furniture. Find some spooky Halloween crows that have long beaks, beady eyes and life-like feathers.

Hang a couple of 5-ft Halloween skeletons from the ceiling and make sure they are surrounded by plenty of fog from a fog machine and an up-light. You can even attach the skeletons to a Halloween prop spinning motor and watch them slowly spin around your guest’s heads while emitting spooky sounds.

In your hallway or entryway, attach a 63″ tall, sound-activated Halloween skeleton to your wall. This creepy guy is wearing tattered clothes, complete with a tie and collared shirt, and is holding his severed head in his hands while perched up against your wall. As your guests step in for a closer look, his realistic eyes light up and his jaw will move up and down as he utters several Halloween messages, followed by a menacing laugh.

Stick some spooky mice Halloween wall clings that you can find at almost any craft store to your stairs and up your walls. If you don’t want to go out and find cheesecloth, get some black lace that looks just as creepy and drape it around your home – from the corners to the window coverings and on as many lamps and props as possible.

Throughout your home, you can attach some small bats to a Halloween prop spinning motor and hang it from the ceiling. If you want to mix it up a little, hang some small skulls, a broken down baby doll or some little ghosts from a Halloween prop spinning motor – almost any Halloween decoration up to 6 lbs.

To light the inside of your home, it’s best (and creepiest) to use flameless candles, strobe lights and black lights to enhance certain areas of the rooms. For items or areas that you want to hide, you can drape sheets of black construction paper or large black plastic trash bags over the items and your guests will not even know they are there. For more ideas on how to light an adult party, check out our article on Lighting Ideas for Halloween Decorations.

Anything you want to highlight with a black light can be enhanced with fluorescent paper or fluorescent paint. For example, if you want to make your pictures on the wall look ghoulish, cut out some fluorescent paper into the shape of eyeballs and paste them over the photos. If you don’t want to touch your pictures, you can always print out new photos and put them up just for the party. Strategically place a battery-operated Halloween strobe light in your home and, depending on how spooky you want the mood to be, set it to fast or slow speed. I’d suggest setting it to slow if you want a calm, creepy atmosphere and set it to fast to max out your guest’s anxiety levels.

For decorating mantels, tables or shelves, drape them with cheesecloth or lace and get some clear jars (or glass cake plate stands with lids) and spray paint fake skulls or body parts with fluorescent paint. Add the skulls to the jars and backlight them with a black light. Guard your jars with some Halloween owls or a Halloween cat that will screech and hiss at your guests as they approach.

Decorate your food table by placing some melted and dirtied orange or white candles in glass candle holders. Place a black tablecloth over you table and some cob webs, sprinkle in some fake spiders. You can place a small, messy mound of hay behind some of your dishes and stick some faux rats coming out of the nests. If you put some skull displays on your food tables, you can also add some bloody candles to the mix. Simply put white candles on the table, heat up a red candle and drip the red candle’s wax on the white candles, creating a blood trail. You can also paint mannequin heads, glue a faux knife on the top of one of their heads and place them around the room.

After setting all of your ghoulish snacks on the table (see our Halloween Recipes section for Halloween food ideas), you can really creep out your guests by adding some Blood Punch with eyeballs in a Beverage Dispenser. If you have condiments for your meals, you can display them in a serving bowl on the table. Instead of using regular ice around the condiments, add some dry ice, which will create a ghostly appearance around your table yet still keep your condiments chilled. Name your condiments after body parts and stick the name tags on the front of the tray. For example, Olives=eyeballs, Tomatoes=intestines, etc.

Fortune Telling Seance Area
Set up a side table and drape it with cheesecloth or black lace and sit a couple of empty dirty jars and bottles and a misting or fog machine on top. Make sure the area is dark and only lit by a couple of waxy burned-down candles or an up-light on the floor. In the center of the table, place an Animated Witch’s Spellbook that slowly opens with creaky sound effects as someone approaches. Once the spellbook has opened, it displays a spooky seance for your guests to read.

Next to your table, pose a towering, 6-ft tall Halloween witch, draped in a dark gown with frizzy gray hair and a latex face. As a guest approaches, her red eyes light up and she begins to utter scary sayings that are sure to spook anyone who approaches. You can also lay some fake body parts and more spooky crows around the table.

Guarding the spell book table is a snarling black Halloween cat that screeches, howls and hisses as someone approaches the seance area. With his realistic fur and fangs, the sound-activated Halloween cat is sure to put a fright in any unsuspecting guest.

What’s the creepiest and most cost-effective thing that you can do to your home to make it look haunted? Add some Halloween window posters that are back lit from the room and can be trimmed to fit your window perfectly. Depending on your haunted house theme, there are several Halloween window posters to choose from – or mix and match to make your home a truly one-of-a kind haunted house. You can also place some candles in some Halloween window candle holders and stick them on your windows. For more ideas on how to dress up your Halloween windows, see our Halloween Window Decorations.

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