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18 Mar '14

Composting 101

Why should I compost
Why Compost?
When waste is not composted, it will end up in a landfill or incinerator, neither of which is environmentally-friendly or economical. Due to a lack of oxygen, landfill waste breaks down slowly and releases methane gas and acidic leachate, both of which are bad for the environment. (more…)

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What To Do In A Tornado

Safety Tips to Help You Get Prepared for a Tornado

It just takes seconds for a tornado to rip through your neighborhood, leaving nothing but piles of debris and trash in its wake. If you’re watching television or listening to a radio, you may get ample warning before it hits, but it is also possible that you will have little to no warning that a tornado may strike. If you are in an area and hear there is a “Tornado Watch”, it means the weather conditions are such that a tornado may develop in the watch area. A “Tornado Warning” means that a tornado has been sighted and is either occurring or is about to occur in the warning area. (more…)

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How to Prepare For a Hurricane

A Guide to Show You What to Do in a Hurricane to Keep Your Family Safe

Being prepared is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from the dangers of a hurricane. Learning how to prepare for a hurricane, what to do in a hurricane, and what steps to take following the hurricane can help keep you and your family safe during a storm. (more…)

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Fire Prevention Tips

6 Home Fire Safety Tips That Could Help Save Your Life

Fires can strike anyone at any time. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, in 2009, it is estimated that U.S. fire departments responded to 1.3 million fires. These fires resulted in over 3,000 deaths, and over 17,000 injuries. These fires caused over 12 billion dollars worth of damage and loss. Statistics like these show the importance of good fire prevention tips and fire safety habits. (more…)

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Implement These Summer Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe All Summer Long

5 Summer Safety Tips for KidsIt’s a big job but someone’s got to do it. Keeping the kids safe, that is. Every summer there are thousands of children who sustain injuries that require emergency room visits. By learning some summer safety tips for kids, you can help keep your own children out of the emergency room and out where they belong…having fun! Here are some summer safety tips that can help you do just that. (more…)

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