5 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Summer Cocktails

Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself…so why not do so poolside while enjoying a fruity cocktail?

While shooting our summer catalog, we decided to whip a few summer drinks to enjoy in the Flordia sun. Using fresh ingredients and classic cocktail techniques, we added our own Improvements spin on things to deliver to you these 5 refreshing drink recipes.

Use these summer cocktail instructional videos to impress guests at  your next outdoor party or to shake things up during a warm summer night spent with close family and friends.


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How to Get Rid of Ants Using Common Household Items

Any amount of ants is too many ants. Whether you have a few or an entire colony, learn how to quickly bid them farewell using items you already have.

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How to Measure Outdoor Furniture for Patio Cushions

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At Improvements, we believe that do-it-yourself should never mean do-it-alone. Our creative team of home solution specialists is ready to answer your home decorating questions and share some of our own unique decorating ideas. Get tips on small space gardening, learn the latest trends in backyard décor and enjoy our library of how-to articles and videos that walk you through how to organize your home.


Small Patio Ideas

Our half umbrella and other small space outdoor living items make decorating a small patio easy.


5 Steps for Creating Your Own Succulent Arrangement

Create a custom natural spread using the various patterns and textures of these fleshy-leave plants.


Small Backyard Ideas

Turn an unused small backyard into a bold and bright garden oasis that you can enjoy day and night.